Iraqi forces kill 27 terrorists and close to victory in Mosul


BAGHDAD, June 2 (Petra) – Iraqi forces said they were approaching the completion of the liberation of the city of Mosul after the killing of 27 terrorists and the incursion into the old city of Mosul in the past hours.

Brigadier General Ahmed al-Jubouri told the Petra news agency in Baghdad that our forces from the anti-terrorism agency and the army and its security services have made significant progress over the past hours in the Zanjili and the Old City areas, the last strongholds of the terrorist organization.

He added that the results of the clashes resulted in the killing of 27 terrorists and the destruction of weapons and headquarters of the organization, noting that the presence of about 180 thousand civilians hinder the resolution of the battle quickly for fear of their lives.

Iraqi forces have been fighting for nearly seven months against an organization calling for Mosul to be returned. The terrorist organization has suffered about 17,000 militants, according to Iraqi military data during this period.

– Petra (Petra) p / p / p / h



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