Infallible Abadi agree on the unity and commitment to the date of elections


06/03/2017 0:00

President of the Republic stresses the development of the intelligence effort to save thesecurity of Baghdad
praised the President, Fuad Masum, the efforts of the Baghdad Operations Command , in order toprevent the remnants of the terrorists from carrying out criminal their designs against unarmed civilians, while he stressed during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi, on a row after the recent bombings in Baghdad and a number of areas of thecountry, discussed with his deputy , Iyad Allawi , the importance of continuing efforts to promote understanding between everyone and work to overcome the obstacles facing thepolitical process.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, received the “morning”, said al – Abadi, received the President of the Republic “took place during the meeting to discuss military operations, achieved victories by our heroine in Mosul, and to emphasize the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories with the imminent liberation of Mosul and declaring victory over Daesh terrorist gangs “.
The statement added , “two presidents also discussed the security situation and plans inplace to maintain the security of citizens, as the terrorist gangs seeking it receives defeats in the battle to terrorist bombings against citizens , ” adding that they “also discussed theplans and procedures that will be through which hit terrorist hideouts and eliminate them.”
The meeting stressed , according to the statement “the importance of unity and the word in order to build the country and serve the citizens and the need to stay away from anything that would harm the interests of the country” .ookd infallible Abadi “to abide by the constitutional Baltoukitat elections and the creation of all hold them supplies which isdone by the executive branch” .ottrq the two sides to “Iraq ‘s foreign policy, which depends on the openness of the international community and the region in accordance with the mutual interests, big successes in the reconstruction of Iraq to the forefront and influence in the region and the world.”
During his visit to his deputy , Iyad Allawi, President of the Republic discussed theimportance of continuing efforts to promote understanding between everyone and work to overcome the obstacles facing the political process.
The presidential statement said , “During the meeting , emphasized the need to adhere toconstitutional deadlines and holding the elections on schedule, were also discussed developments in the security situation, especially the current victories of our armed forces on Daesh the recent terrorist bombings in Baghdad and other areas.”
The statement also ” the success of the meeting dealt with the issue of community reconciliation also discussed the fight against file corruption and the need to develop thenational economy and the adoption of professional competence and integrity principles in building state institutions and to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis in building anadvanced modern state.”
He discussed infallible Allawi “ways to strengthen Iraq ‘s regional and international status through the adoption of diplomatic realism built on the basis of mutual benefit.”Furthermore, the infallible visited Baghdad Operations Command headquarters and was received by the operations commander Lt. Gen. Jalil al – Rubaie and senior officers in the Alkiedh.oohar infallible, during the meeting with the pillars of leadership , according to a presidential statement, to ” the need for concerted efforts of all to ensure the security and protection of our citizens in the capital Baghdad , relying on the development of theintelligence effort and performance of checkpoints and the strengthening of cooperation between the security agencies and citizens. ”
He commended the President of the Republic “on the efforts of the Baghdad Operations Command , in order to prevent the remnants of the terrorists from carrying out their plans criminal against unarmed civilians , ” stressing ” the need to expand pre – emptive measures to hit the dens of terrorists.”
In turn , the commander of Baghdad Operations briefed extensively on leadership plans and activities of daily efforts to stimulate and develop the viability of the security services in all its different forms in order to carry out the tasks entrusted to it to the fullest, expressing his thanks to the President of the infallible on this visit , and his continued support for the efforts of Alkiedh.omn and then lose the President of the Republic Baghdad operations command , especially sections of what is a specialist , including continuous daily monitoring effort that enhance the security and clamping down on both plans to destabilize the capital.

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