100 days after the Battle of Mosul Does the organization “da’ash” utter its last breath ?


Ahmed al-Sharifi, a military expert who saw that the military operations are carried out through the participation of Iraqi forces and military units only and the lack of a clear effort by the coalition forces against international use of “dads” of the possibilities and weapons and in light of the suffering faced by the people there. He said there was a statement from the commanders of the staff to liberate Mosul before Ramadan. But because the United States does not want to resolve the battle or help without political gain.

He said that the spending war is carried out by “da’ash” and through the old houses where the shelters are hiding and linking them to each other and thus move away from “dashing” the strikes .. He explained that “Da’ash” uses civilians as hostages.

And this is where the danger appears and therefore the military sectors must be equipped through commando operations. He said that “da’ash” depends on the bicyclists, the belt that the organization is forming around al-Nuri mosque and through the bombings of the members of the organization. He stressed that the Iraqi forces have benefited greatly in the fighting skills and leadership and this will lead to deterrence strategy Security and security battle on the basis of a database through intelligence effort and information, but the risk is the sleeper cells.

He pointed out that there is a political deal that is going on in secret. He called for part of a big project involving the energy war and the water war … He pointed out that the targeting of some equipment is only “provocative” and leaving Al-Baqih to escape is evidence of US involvement in the matter. Only through a political settlement and that the United States will only resolve the battle by acquiring political deals and controlling the energy sources

The writer and political analyst Basil al-Kazemi, he said

“The battle is not determined by the time limit … It is different from all the battles carried out by the Iraqi forces … The battle is separated around the mosque of Nuri, the seat of succession,” he said, “adding that” Daash “collapsed and was confined in a narrow corner and will remain only a few days and collapse organization .

He added that he expected to announce the victory before the holy month of Ramadan. He stressed that the people have an important role in cooperating with the security forces by providing the forces with information about the organization of Daash in Mosul.



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