Communications: Iraq soon will see the launch of the fastest internet in the world



Since 06.01.2017 at 12:19 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

The Ministry of Communications has announced that this year will see the start of work the national project of the Internet in Iraq, through the “fastest network in the world,” and cost less.

The ministry spokesman said Hazem Mohammed Ali in a statement, “After less than a year from the start of the implementation date and during the period of record of the Ministry of Communications has succeeded with the contracting companies with the completion of 93% of the project to extend the processing of optical cable in all parts of Iraq, which will be reflected online prices available to citizens in Iraq. ”

He added that “the formation of oversight committees of the ministry follows the implications of the reduction on the reality of the citizen effectively,” noting that “the network will be secured and protected and owned by the Ministry of Communications, and supervised by the ministry in coordination with senior security authorities in Iraq, it will be optical cable international force for the protection of data portals The incoming and outgoing information and filter to ensure the security of Iraq. ”

He noted that “the project investment and promising, will achieve substantial financial resources of the state, although the ministry did not bear the costs of the project but has implemented to bear all costs for the project companies noting that the ministry reserves the right to supervise the entire joints of the national project of the Internet in Iraq and the administration where will see Iraq launch service fastest network in the world, and at a cost less than the current cost of a large proportion “.anthy 29


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