Daesh vacate its headquarters in the remaining of Mosul and executed their archives to obliterate all Maitalq organization


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Since 31/05/2017 13:15 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Security sources confirmed in the coming operations, O Nineveh, that Daesh suffers a major collapse and chaos in the right coast of Mosul after the disappearance of its leaders prominent death and escape from the battlefields, indicating that the terrorist organization accelerates the evacuation of its headquarters fighters operations began yesterday morning, the execution of his poetry main archive, Kal_husbh Security the soldiers, Zakat and money, in an attempt to prevent the detection of large crimes against civilians, and blur the identity of his supporters and backers who supported him to commit brutal crimes against the innocent, while Maj. Gen. Hiwa Abdullah, leader of the Kurdish Peshmerga revealed that the terrorist organization, the form of what he called the state of Mount to carry out attacks during the month of Ramadan in the city of Kirkuk.

The leadership of the operations that the Federal rapid reaction forces and police progressing very slowly and warned in the Zndjeli area, adding that the sectors of the army has made little progress in front-Shifa neighborhood northwest of Mosul, with the intensification of artillery and aerial bombing towards the medical complex and residential quarter and hospitals that are still under the control of Aldoaash.

The continued targeting of snipers, the terrorist organization for civilians fleeing the fighting, managed to counter-terrorism forces from freeing some 400 civilian detainees, mostly women, children and the elderly, following fierce battles continued over 5 hours in the Zndjeli district, and opened safe corridors for evacuation operations. And resulted in sporadic killed about 40 terrorists, including suicide operations.

Major General Hiwa Abdullah, deputy commander of the fourth axis of the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk, said that Daesh failed to implement a series of attacks and not being able to progress towards the defensive lines of the Kurdish forces west and south of Kirkuk made him resort to ways of hit-and-run.

The shape of the terrorist organization (state mountain) in the Hamrin mountain range, in the guide to his way to wage a guerrilla war after losing his abilities to open fronts fight wide and directly with the Peshmerga forces in different parts of Kirkuk.

Security sources said that 10 civilians were executed Daesh in Hawija under its control since mid-2014, on charges of cooperation with the security services with the crowd Alhobei.anthy 29 Volunteers




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