Abadi: the next phase will witness a security escalation with the decline of ‘



31/5/2017 Now – Al Jazeera Net
Abadi: The next stage will witness a security escalation ...

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expected to witness the next phase of a major security escalation in Iraq, and said that the Islamic state organization is seeking to carry out operations to clarify his presence, after a series of bombings that caused dozens of dead and wounded in Baghdad and Anbar.

Abadi told a news conference in Baghdad late Tuesday that the state organization is in its final stages in Iraq and is trying to prove its presence by carrying out these operations. And warned of the occurrence of security breaches caused by what the enemy described to carry out terrorist operations.

He added that what he described as terrorist cells exist in Iraq because of the populace, and that the existence of these cells caused by political differences, mismanagement, and injustice.

The Iraqi prime minister also said that the last period witnessed poor management of the security forces, which resulted in the use of these forces to suppress the citizens. Abadi’s remarks followed two bombings in Baghdad, killing 27 people, and the state organization adopted one of the blasts.




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