Maliki warns of US-British directives to restore the scenario of the formation of a provisional government .. And emphasizes the survival of political power (details)


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Baghdad News –

The former Prime Minister and Vice President Nuri al-Maliki warned of US-British directives to re-establish the scenario of the formation of an interim government that ends with the United Nations mandate for a new prime minister on the American way. In the field of anti-terrorism, ‘well’ but described his performance in the economic field as ‘confusing’.
Maliki said in an interview with the newspaper ‘news’ Lebanese,’ I believe that this government will not extend to her, the president calculated on the Islamic trend. But it will cost an American-style worker, that is, acting in accordance with the directives of Washington and its agenda, and in coordination with British circles. Thus returning the scenario of the interim government, formed by Lakhdar Brahimi commissioned by the United Nations, headed by Iyad Allawi ‘.
“I have no desire to return to any executive authority, but I will remain in political power. “I want to be a partner in drawing up a solid and new political system that will save the current political process, either by being a partner through the election portal or the gate of alliances.” His project is to achieve the principle of a political majority. If that happens, he will be in power, and a partner too.
He added that ‘the next strike will target the Islamic trend, including the popular crowd, but the first blow will be directed to the Dawa Party and the crowd, and the rest of the Islamists will come later. The call and the crowd are the two most important target entities, a slogan raised at the Ankara conference, where they called for the overthrow of al-Maliki, the crowd, and Iran. As for why the crowd? Because it is calculated on me, and I founded, and I defend and adopt it, and I believe the need for existence, and maintain the entity, and we were able to stop the biggest attack almost to overthrow the whole of Iraq, and reach Iran.
“It must be understood that my targeting in Iraq means targeting the crowd, targeting the crowd and targeting me, and therefore we and the crowd must be united in defense, and meet the challenge and soft plots that are woven against us,” he said, adding that “the crowd must be part of the state, All our sympathy for the crowd, our interest in it, and its history, we do not want to remain a weapon outside the state. There was no idea to legislate a law to mobilize, but we pressed and brought things to the legislation of a law that protects its existence and keeps it as an institution. If the group remains as an institution, it will remain on the line and commit, because it will not be integrated, and if the crowd is merged with the army and police, that is the end. “
He added, “We pressed, so that no prime minister, or any other, whether current or next, can eliminate the crowd. The crowd was founded by my order, and the Diwani order was canceled by my order, as if the prime minister were sitting in the morning issuing an order to cancel the crowd. So we hastened to turn it into a law, because the law withdraws the power of the prime minister to cancel the crowd, except through Parliament, which can enact a new law repeals the previous law, and we are in parliament and will not allow the export or issuance of such a law.
“In terms of combating terrorism, government performance is good, despite the irregularities that have occurred and the introduction of international forces without a parliamentary resolution,” he said. Its progress is good, but that is not enough, the state (does not mean exclusively) the fight against terrorism, and the fighting is daunting. “The prestige of the state is now a problem, and what concerns us is the excesses and the bad security situation, and the rebellion against the state,” he said, adding that, in terms of the economic situation, Abadi’s performance is very confused, amounting to cutting salaries for state employees, For patients. I do not understand why the government withdrew from the reserves of the central bank 40 billion. The Treasury has been given a reserve of $ 83 billion, and now it is $ 40 billion. They say there are accumulated debts, where do all these funds go? They say that the war is over and they are buying arms and equipment, but in fact I bought all the weapons. They did not buy arms, except for the gear and the spare parts. I bought the weapon from Iran during a preemptive attack, and before it I bought planes from America, Korea, and tanks from Russia. ‘
“In addition to the fall of the prestige of the state, and the economic situation, the political reality is not cured immediately. Is it conceivable that a government can not appoint three ministers, a coherent, strong and democratic team of government. Weakness of the state, the dawn of the phenomenon of corruption, which reached the state of penetration in all parts of the state, from the policeman to the minister. I am afraid today that these repercussions develop, and a major crisis occurs, and perhaps one of its objectives to disrupt the upcoming elections.
On the Riyadh summit, al-Maliki said: “You have to read from the door, who is the beneficiary, and who is the loser? The beneficiary is Israel. Netanyahu, if not present in person, is present in his mind and thought, and Trump proved his visit to Israel. Trump wanted to tell them that I give you what I want, and I go to Israel, and give her what I want. ‘
He pointed out that ‘the second winner is America, which has received investments, money, and contracts. America, as Trump used to say, had a strong presence and was able to create something like an Arab-Islamic alliance. “
However, the relative media gain in this festival is Saudi Arabia, which has become a leader or president of the Arab-Islamic alliance. This is her ambition, which has brought the entire region to what it is. They gave the Saudis a game as the child is given, a game to play with. ‘
“The Saudis expressed what they were thinking in a way that was agile, clear, violent and antagonistic. They have made Iran and its allies a target. In their view, they are mobilizing their forces to strike Iran, and the transfer of the battle, as Mohammed bin Salman said to the Iranian interior. Iran is not weak in this way. Saudi Arabia is not strong in this way. Neither the countries that stood at this conference will go under Saudi Arabia’s wings to fight Iran, nor America itself will go with Saudi Arabia in fighting Iran. “

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