Brett Macgork: tenderness process will begin soon


– 5/30/2017 5:41:00 AM24 Number of readings


Khandan – said Brett Macgork US president ‘s envoy in the international coalition against the organization “Daesh” terrorist on Tuesday, said that the recovery process of tenderness “Daesh”, will be launched soon.

The new Macgork in a speech at a conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Italian capital , Rome, their intention to work with Syria ‘s democratic forces, which form the Kurdish units of its backbone.

He said Macgork in this regard, “We are working here with Syria democratic forces, and we are just two kilometers from tenderness”, as quoted by the agency “Anatolia”.

He added Macgork, that ” the process will start soon, I can not declare anything about the date of its launch but very intimate with .”




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