Abadi: We will provide the border to isolate Daesh in Iraq from Syria


Abadi: We will provide the border to isolate Daesh in Iraq from Syria
52 minutes ago

Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi / stressed on Tuesday that his government is serious to prosecute terrorists, referring to a plan to secure Iraq’s borders and isolate the militants Daesh in Iraq for their colleagues in Syria.

Abadi interview came at a news conference following the weekly meeting of the government.

Ebadi said, “We will not keep one of the terrorists. We are serious to proceed against them”, after the completion of continuing in Mosul for more than seven months, the military campaign.

Abadi added that the plan was developed Beshravh personally and in coordination with the popular crowd to secure Iraq’s border with Syria.

The Prime Minister of Iraq to the plan by saying, “We will start the process of the Iraqi-Syrian border control to isolate Daesh in Syria Daesh Iraq.”

The military engineering the popular crowd had started earlier on Tuesday to dig trenches and build a berm between the Iraqi-Syrian border, which relate to yesterday after fighting for several days against Daesh.

The crowd arrived yesterday for the first time to the Syrian-Iraqi border in the Baaj district west of Mosul. The crowd leaders said their forces would press forward down to eliminate the existing Anbar province.

The crowd and fighting in the west of Mosul towards the Syrian border since the start of the military campaign to restore Mosul Daesh more than seven months.

Iraqi forces approaching the entire city of Mosul, al-Daesh, which ebbed presence in the central square of the city right coast restored.





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