Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr launches a new militia called “rapid response” Baghdad Dry Peace

العراق: الصدر يطلق مليشيا جديدة باسم "الرد السريع"

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The leader of the Sadrist movement , Moqtada al-Sadr, has formed a new militant group known as the “Rapid Response” militia, which will be directly involved in the insurgency.

According to the sources, the new militia was formed from the parent militia of ” Saraya al -Salam “, which is the most powerful wing of Sadr’s militia, “Peace, Promised Day Brigade”, Special Forces and now the “Rapid Response” militia.

All these factions return to a single nucleus, the Mehdi Army, which was frozen in 2007 after being exposed to sectarian killings and cleansing, along with the Udayab militia in Baghdad, Diyala and various Iraqi cities.

The total number of pro-Sadr fighters is about 50,000

The total number of Sadr loyalists is about 50,000, mostly from poor and random areas, between the ages of 16 and 45.

The new militia, which will be no different from its predecessors, is supposed to carry out many tasks, including the name, command and area it is deployed in, including deployments in the Taji and Mujahideen districts of the Baghdad belt and the city of Samarra in Salahaddin province. Security and intelligence duties. “

Which has increased the concern and fear among citizens who originally accuse the “Peace Brigades” of kidnappings of extortion, and the crimes of displacement and purification of various sectarian, and blackmailing shopkeepers, with the knowledge of the Iraqi police and army.

A source close to the militia of the crowd, the “New Arab”, that the members of the new faction are themselves armed in the “Peace Corps”, but were cut and the formation of a faction of them, indicating that the new militia will be its mission “special operations” and that ” Its members in accordance with loyalty and strength in combat. “

This comes one day after a military parade by the “Saraya al-Salam” militia in the presence of the leader of the Sadrist movement and the Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense in Parliament, Governor of Zamili, in which he said “We need more troops and high training to prevent the division of Iraq and prevent any foreign force trying to intervene in Iraq and threaten Security and threaten his sanctities. “

Observers considered that the new militia comes within the race and competition between the leaders of armed militias in Iraq. “The birth of new militias is very likely these days because of the competition and the election race in Iraq,” said Salah al-Amara, an expert on armed groups in Iraq. “Parliament elections are taking place some eight months from now. Militias are likely to play an important role in These elections. “

“The birth of new militias does not mean creating them from scratch, but splitting within the mother militias and establishing new militias will have a share in the financial allocations and will be manipulated and manipulated by the politicians in the upcoming elections,” he said in an interview with the New Arab. Iraq with clear Iranian support.

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