Abadi Mosul: a great example of our forces struck in the protection of the citizen and declare victory soon

History of edits:: 2017/5/29 21:06 • 39 times readable

[Where – Baghdad] 

said Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi, on Monday, that our heroine hit a great example in the protection of the citizen and that declaration of victory will be very soon thanks to the arms of heroes. ”

Park Abadi during his speech with a group of anti – terrorism device in Mosul , fighters and eat breakfast with them followed by all of Iraq [where], victories in this holy month and Bzlhm the greatest tender which is the defense of the homeland and the liberation of man. ” 

He continued Abadi , ” We have lifted up the head of the Iraqi high Baktalkm against terrorist gangs, and we have achieved victories, and here you are in the final stages to eliminate these gangs. ” 

and that” popular crowd forces arrived at the Syrian border , which is completed within the plan , indicating that treated our fighters Hassan with citizens contributed greatly to achieving this victory. ” 

the Abadi arrived today to pain Pray for the conduct of military operations victories achieved there.



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