Abadi from Mosul: declare victory on Daesh very soon

History of edits:: 2017/5/29 20:41 

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, that the declaration of victory over the terrorist gangs Daesh will be very soon.

The statement of the Prime Minister ‘s Office, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, for Abadi during his speech with a group of anti – terrorism device in Mosul , fighters and eat breakfast with them, saying that “our heroine hit a great example in the protection of the citizen, and the declaration of victory would be very soon thanks to the arms of heroes. ” 

Park Abadi “victories in this holy month and make the greatest giving fighters a defense of the homeland and the liberation of man,” he said . “We have lifted up the head of the Iraqi high Baktalkm against terrorist gangs, and you have achieved victories, and here you are in the final stages to eliminate these gangs.” 

” The popular crowd forces arrived at the Syrian border , which is within the completion of the plan,” pointing out that “our fighters are treated Hasan with citizens greatly contributed to the achievement of this victory.” 

The Abadi, visited Mosul today boycotted the operations and met with a number of leaders of the popular crowd in Mosul and discussed with them the course of editing operations, also met with the leaders of anti – Alarhab.anthy device


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