Baghdad Secretariat: remove all the excesses in the capital within three months



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the secretariat of Baghdad for the preparation of a plan to remove all the excesses in the capital during a period of three months, in cooperation with the Baghdad Operations Command.
A statement from the secretariat of the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit, that the decision “came in an expanded meeting chaired by the Undersecretary of the Baghdad Municipality Municipal Affairs Karim Alboukhata with the participation ofDeputy Commander of Baghdad Operations and Director General of the guards and security in the Municipality of Baghdad and a number of general managers ofmunicipal departments to discuss the issue of abuses and slums in the capital Baghdad and the plan to remove the stomach and the modalities addressed inimplementation of the directives of the Prime Minister. ”
He said , “addressed the challenges facing the municipal districts and the reopening of roads closed by the squatters meeting.”
He added that ” the meeting discussed the issue of removing the abuses taking place on the sidewalks, streets and public squares that hinder the provision ofservices and the implementation of service projects that are in the interest of thecitizen according to al – Baghdadi on plans prepared in cooperation with theBaghdad Operations Command.”
The statement said that ” the meeting also dealt with the subject of grazing and indiscriminate slaughter of sheep in a number of areas of Baghdad and theallocation of places for them in cooperation with the relevant authorities” .anthy

Iraqi Military Launches Massive Operation to Conclude Mosul Assault


The Iraqi military aims to liberate last neighbourhoods within 72 hours

Iraqi Military Launches Massive Operation to Conclude Mosul Assault


MOSUL — The Iraqi Federal police forces seized on Sunday vital targets in the Zanjili neighbourhood in west Mosul and the Iraqi military has launched large scale operation to complete the liberation of the city in the next few days.

Federal police chief Major-General Raid Shaker Jawdat, said that the police forces managed on Sunday to control vital targets in the Znjili neighbourhood in west Mosul.

He added “snipers and anti-armoured weapons were spread in the middle of the neighbourhood,” pointing out that the field artillery units targeted the Islamic State (IS) militants in north of the Old City district of Mosul.”

Moreover, Iraqi military launched on Sunday an extensive military operation to liberate the last neighbourhoods of the city of Mosul, aiming to clear the entire city from IS militants within the next 72 hours.


Abadi’s adviser “Economy News”: the extension of OPEC’s agreement will reflect positively on oil prices


Baghdad :
He confirmed the chancellor ‘s financial Prime Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Sunday, that the extension of theagreement of OPEC for a period of nine months will reflect positively on the price of oil .
Said Saleh in an interview for Economy News , the extension of the agreement of OPEC for a period of nine months , the other will have theeffects of positive to address the display surplus on the period short .” 
He added that the agreement first OPEC , the reduction of one dollar from the production of oil will lead to the lifting of oil crude around 10 dollarsand we hope as well as in the months nine coming .”
And agreed countries members in the Organization ” OPEC ” and outside on 26 May 2017 to extend the agreement to reduce production for 9months additional until March / March 2018 , in a move designed to eliminate the glut of supply in the markets of oil .
The Agency for International Energy, Thursday 25 May 2017 The countries members of the Organization ” OPEC ” gained during the two quarters the past 75 million dollars a day in addition, thanks to the recovery of the prices of oil in the markets world .
She added that the   ” agreement OPEC returned to Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of oil in the ” OPEC ” , during the period itself around 12.3million dollars a day , followed in ranked third, Iraq, the proceeds of an additional estimated at about 10.3 million dollars a day .”

Governor of the Central Bank: Deposit Protection Law will see the light very soon



Iraqi Central Bank revealed, on Sunday, for the Deposit Protection Act will see the light soon, stressing that the law will be supportive of the banks and its customers.
The governor of the central bank, on the Keywords in a press interview seen by the “Economy News”, that “the central bank is keen to develop the banking system in Iraq, in addition to the protection of deposits of citizens,” pointing out that “the Deposit Protection Act will see the light very soon.”
Keywords stressed that “the law will create trust between the citizen and the banks, which is supported internationally,” calling “banks to associate him strongly to be a real beacon for the Iraqi banking sector.”
The Central Bank, in (June 7, 2016), the establishment of a deposit guarantee in the government and private banks with a capital of 100 billion Iraqi dinars, and said the aim of the foundation is to motivate citizens to deposit their money in banks rather than Aktnazha, explaining that the money compacta citizens outside banks amounting to more than 30 trillion dinars.
The Iraqi Association of private banks, announced in (October 2015), the proportion of deposits among government banks ranging from 65 to 68 trillion dinars, of which no more than 22 trillion dinars deposits of private banks.

Iraqi military sources: resolve our battle against Da’ash in Mosul by next month


Sunday, 28 May 2017 08:47 p
مصادر عسكرية عراقية: حسم معركتنا ضد داعش فى الموصل بحلول الشهر المقبلIraqi forces archive photo


Iraqi military sources confirmed that the area of ​​control of the Daqash organization on the western side of the city of Mosul has shrunk to only five percent.

Military sources predicted, according to the Arabic channel Al-Ahdat, the news on Sunday, to resolve the battle against the organization of Dahedh by the first half of next month.

The joint Iraqi forces have begun a new operation to restore the last three neighborhoods in western Mosul from the control of Daqash, namely, healing, zinc and the first health, in order to tighten the siege on the old city with narrow narrow alleys, which will be the scene of the last chapters in Iraq.

With the launch of the operation, Iraqi forces managed to control the third bridge linking the Tigris and the Mosul International Hotel in Shifa after violent clashes between the two sides.