Keywords confirms delegation Toyota: Iraq promising global market for companies    

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Economy News _ Baghdad:

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, “Iraq is a global promising market for global companies, noting that the Iraqi government is working hard to develop frameworks and legal projects to protect the product and the consumer alike.


According to a statement of the General Secretariat got “Economy News” a copy of it, that “Keywords met with the regional branch of Toyota’s Japanese director and a delegation of experts accompanying him for the purpose of discussing the prospects of cooperation with the company.”


The statement quoted Keywords as saying, “it was at the meeting show the challenges facing the company in the marketing of their products within the framework of laws and draft laws that the government is prepared for the purpose of protecting the Iraqi market and the rights of the consumer product and get the best services.”


For his part, the regional director of the company and in the presence of the Director of the General Authority for Customs company was willing to stand with Iraq and cooperate with him in this delicate phase experienced by the country showed. ”


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