Iraqi military sources: resolve our battle against Da’ash in Mosul by next month


Sunday, 28 May 2017 08:47 p
مصادر عسكرية عراقية: حسم معركتنا ضد داعش فى الموصل بحلول الشهر المقبلIraqi forces archive photo


Iraqi military sources confirmed that the area of ​​control of the Daqash organization on the western side of the city of Mosul has shrunk to only five percent.

Military sources predicted, according to the Arabic channel Al-Ahdat, the news on Sunday, to resolve the battle against the organization of Dahedh by the first half of next month.

The joint Iraqi forces have begun a new operation to restore the last three neighborhoods in western Mosul from the control of Daqash, namely, healing, zinc and the first health, in order to tighten the siege on the old city with narrow narrow alleys, which will be the scene of the last chapters in Iraq.

With the launch of the operation, Iraqi forces managed to control the third bridge linking the Tigris and the Mosul International Hotel in Shifa after violent clashes between the two sides.



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