The Iraqi army is circling the Old City to break into it



Iraqi security forces control the old Mosul in preparation for storming, while publishing an organization calling the suicide bombers and snipers at the entrances to the city, threatening civilians trapped in death if they tried to escape or refused to carry out his orders, while the terrorist organization decided to move his headquarters from Mosul to the province of Hawija.

Iraqi forces completed their preparations for the liberation of the three remaining areas under the control of Daqash on the right side of Mosul, about three months after the start of military operations to restore the area.

The spokesman of the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man, the readiness of Iraqi forces to reclaim the neighborhood of Shifa and Zinjili neighborhood, while controlling the ring on the Old City to liberate. He said that the figures that are being circulated regarding the number of militants “calling” in the remaining areas of the city is inaccurate, stressing the importance of the readiness of Iraqi forces for this stage of the battles.

Al-Nu’man pointed out that the organization would rely on individual suicide bombers and civilians as human shields because of the decline of the capabilities of combat organization. Observers also pointed out that the Iraqi forces will face a difficult challenge in eliminating the remaining elements of «Da’ash» because of the deployment of extremists human shields of the people in the vicinity of the entrances that Pkhkha and near the mosque Nuri.


A security official in Hawija said that the “leaders” and leaders in the first line completed the transfer of the leadership of the organization from Mosul to the province of Hawija, indicating that the reasons for transport came because of the near collapse of the organization in the old square of the city and the liberation completely, For the continuation of its activity and operations, which are currently available only in the districts of Hawija, Nawaab Al-Zab, Riyadh, Abbasi and Rashad.

He added that «Daqsh» brought yesterday 400 elements, some of them were transferred across the Tigris River from the borders of Syria and Jordan and the city of Mosul, indicating that the elements of the terrorist organization were taken by a command of the leaders are blindfolded so as not to know the ways and paths of the organization hidden.


For his part, the governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, said that Hawija will become the capital of «da’ash» in Iraq, because the security forces left it, adding: We have repeatedly called for the rapid launch of the liberation of Hawija, but the central government did not respond and the decision to start the liberation of the hands of the commander-in-chief of the army Haider Abadi exclusively, has not issued this decision so far. He pointed out that the survival of these areas under the control of the terrorist organization affects the security of many of the neighboring provinces, and that the liberation is an important step in the elimination of «Dahesh».

In the context, the operation command in Nineveh distributed the tasks of the last battle to its joint forces, but it stressed the security of the exit of civilians first before fully penetrating the city’s outlets. Army aircraft also dropped leaflets on the people trapped in the center of the old city demanding that they cooperate with government forces and stay away from the organization’s gatherings.

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