The crowd has a firm grip on the Sinjar base complex Dumez


5/27/2017 0:00

Control of the perimeter «beacon humpback» and get ready to break into the old Mosul
Baghdad / Mosul / morning the
wisest heroes of the popular crowd, their grip on the Sinjar military base, during the second phase of operations “Muhammad is the messenger ofGod” to liberate Baaj district, which resulted in yesterday edit complex “Dumez” and cut through the supply of “Daesh” between Adnaniyah and Baaj, west of the city of Mosul.
Popular crowd forces continued on Friday progress towards the Baaj district in theprocess that bore the name of “martyrs of the Sinjar” of several axes, during which he managed to free dozens of areas , including villages: Amileihat, high dome Alohba, Kodjo Hill invaded, North pesky, South pesky, Alhatmah, Alqabusseh, Renbausa.
Coincided those victories with direct command of operations ” are coming, Nineveh” appeal to the residents of 9 areas in the right side, the necessity to leave “immediately” to eliminate the rest of the remnants “Daesh” and the Declaration of Mosul fully liberated, the image confirms the keenness of the security leadership on the safety of citizens, It shows its determination to liberate the rest of that side over the next few days.
While a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger said in apress statement on Friday that ” the next few days will witness the liberation of the remaining city of Mosul , despite the difficulty of fighting the” announced federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, said federal police forces carried out combat duties specific targets for Doaash in the door of a brick inside the old city and took control of vital buildings enabled our forces to impose their firearms on the surrounding area humpback beacon. “

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