Trump congratulates the Muslim world by the holy month of Ramadan

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Trump congratulates the Muslim world by the holy month of Ramadan 

US President, Donald Trump

Roudao – Erbil 
congratulated US President, Donald Trump, the Muslim world on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. 
This came in a congratulatory message published by the White House on Friday. 
He said in his Trump ” on behalf of the American people, expressed his wishes for all Muslims to spend Happy Ramadan.” 
He noted in his letter that ” the spirit of Ramadan , renounce violence, and urges peace and help those in need.” 
US President pointed to his visit to Saudi Arabia last week, saying: “We met in the land , which includes the most important holy Mkanyen in the Muslim world to send a strong message in cooperation for peace and security for the whole world.” 
It should be noted that a number of countries in the Islamic world, announced this evening that on Saturday is the first holy month of Ramadan.
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Action The World Bank is involved in the implementation of the cash transfer program for health and education


Action The World Bank is involved in the implementation of the cash transfer program for health and education

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
On Friday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs participated in a workshop organized by the World Bank on the operational support for the trial program for conditional cash transfers for health and education in the presence of representatives of the Ministries of Labor, Education and Health and UNICEF at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.
“The workshop included a review of the final technical steps to complete the operational guide with the Ministries of Health and Education, including the services and human resources required to implement the program and the basic benchmarks, and a review of the communication plan,” Labor Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem said in a statement received by Al Ghad Press. For the pilot program according to the design prepared by the Ministry of Labor and the preparation of a timetable for implementation and provide the necessary support.
“The workshop reviewed the progress made in preparing the case management program, reviewing and determining the expected role of the social researchers in the pilot project and designing a capacity building program over the next three months to implement the project,” Menem said, adding that the workshop focused on achieving a full understanding of the program, Conditional cash transfer program in the two districts of Sadr 2 and Chabaish. “
“The work plan for the remittances project includes the completion of the terms of reference for the management and distribution of cases for the purposes of review and agreement on the training of social and media researchers on the conditional cash transfer program and case management and a survey of selected beneficiaries by the Ministry of Labor to join the program with the launch of an awareness campaign” .
He pointed out that “the media plan that coincides with the cash transfer program begins to form a media team to follow up the plan and move to take advantage of the weekly television programs in the media to reach the target groups and agree with one of the producers to prepare a representative section to communicate the idea and prepare advertisements for the program.
“The plan also includes sending text messages to beneficiary phones and coordinating with ministries of education and health to benefit from their media experiences and holding direct television and radio interviews to reach beneficiary families in cooperation with civil society organizations, as well as using the card card to report conditional aid, “He said.
For his part, World Bank representative Ramzi Noman said that “the cash transfer program aims to make the family understand the importance of health and education.” The trend towards these two sectors allows for the poverty level of families benefiting from the social protection program to be reached.
“The pilot program is based mainly on the reports of ministries of labor, health and education to reach the beneficiary families to be aware of the importance of the program and its choice between joining or not,” he said, adding that “the families of the program sent their children to schools and continued receiving health care before giving them the financial incentive” .
He stressed “the importance of an intensive media campaign to work on changing the behavior of families through the continuation of education and awareness, which is the work of the social researcher and educational adviser and health worker.”


400 ISIS terrorists summoned from Syria-Jordan borders, Mosul city


May 26 2017 04:06 PM
ISIS moves its HQ
ISIS moves its HQ

As many as 400 ISIS terrorists have been summoned by the group commanders from the Syrian and Jordanian borders and Mosul city, Anwar al-Asi, the person responsible for overseeing al-Hawija liberation force in Kirkuk, said on Friday.

He added that those terrorists were blindfolded for fear they will know the secret roads and routes of the group.

ISIS has moved its command headquarter from Mosul city to al-Hawija district, located in Kirkuk Governorate, he added

Asi noted that one of the reasons that forced ISIS to move its headquarters  from Mosul is that the defeat of the terrorist group in the Old City is approaching.

This move can pave the way for the full liberation of the city, he revealed.

It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in  Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq.

It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq.


400 ISIS terrorists summoned from Syria-Jordan borders, Mosul city

Barzani returns to Kurdistan


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Khandan – Massoud Barzani returned on Friday to the Kurdistan region, after a foreign tour that included Jordan and Bulgaria.

According to the Presidency of the Kurdistan region on its website, said that Barzani arrived in the Kurdistan region through Erbil International Airport.

Barzani went on Thursday , corresponding to 18/5/2017 to the Jordanian capital Amman, an official at the invitation of Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

Barzani met during this visit with the Jordanian monarch also participated in the World Economic Forum , which was held at the Dead Sea, and held a series of meetings on the sidelines of participation in the forum.

Included foreign tour of Barzani, the Bulgarian capital Sofia, where he met on Thursday with Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.


– Abadi congratulates by Ramadan: live moments of historical


Abadi congratulates by Ramadan: live moments of historical
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Twilight News / congratulated Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday by the Iraqi holy month of Ramadan, saying that Iraq is living moments is to achieve a historic victory over the organization Daesh.

Ebadi said in a statement reported to Twilight News, “I congratulate the Muslims in Iraq and the world holy month of Ramadan solutions God re good, Yemen, and the blessings and security to the Iraqis.”

He added, “Ehl us blessed month we live in moments of historic victory in which our heroine was mixed against terrorism and the enemies of Islam unity and cohesion of the Iraqis and renounce all bad for the teachings of our religion.”

He called al-Abadi said, “Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness months to put aside their differences and an opportunity to promote our country and our people and we are living the last moments of resolving the battle with the enemies of humanity and Islam.”

The Sunni Endowment and the Kurdistan Region has announced that on Saturday, the first day of the month of Ramadan, while the Shiite Waqf has not issued a statement yet no limit in this regard.


Iraqi forces: ready to break into the last bastions stronghold in Mosul


26 May, 2017

Iraqi forces in the old city west of Mosul

Iraqi forces in the old city west of Mosul

Iraqi forces have completed their preparations for the liberation of the three remaining areas under the control of an al-Qa’ida organization on the right side of Mosul, about three months after launching its military operations to restore the area.

The spokesman of the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man told “Radio Sawa” the readiness of Iraqi forces to restore the neighborhood of Al-Shifa and Zinjili neighborhood and the old city.

Al-Nu’man said that the numbers being traded on the number of armed men in the remaining areas of the city were inaccurate, stressing the importance of Iraqi forces preparations for this stage of the battles that started in October last year.

Al-Nu’man pointed out that the organization will be based largely on individual suicide bombers and civilians as human shields because of the decline of the capabilities of combat organization.

The Popular Forces forces continue their military operations in the district of Al-Baaj west of Nineveh province, surrounded the village of Ranbosi north of Al-Ajaj and destroyed a number of cars mined, according to a statement on Friday.

Source: Radio Sawa

The distribution of a new batch of full-time salary appointed in Baghdad next Sunday


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} launched the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, a new batch of full-time salary of civilians appointed to the province of Baghdad.
According to a brief statement of the ministry and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, “it was the launch of a new batch of full-time salary assigned to the civilians of the province of Baghdad and the distribution will be in the ministry’s headquarters and starting on Sunday 2017/5/28 for five days,” .anthy


Washington sent $ 200 million to Kurdistan and Iraq Tstqtaha loans



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Baghdad balances News

Revealed deputy chief of staff training and movements in the Ministry of Peshmerga, Major General Qarman Sheikh Kamal, said Washington would send $ 200 million to the Peshmerga forces directly and without reference to Baghdad.

Kamal said, “The United States has allocated $ 200 million for the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan in the form of long-term loans granted to Iraq,” explaining that “Washington send the payment directly to the Kurdistan region and deducted from Iraq’s loans” .bhsp Masrah by the site “Doaڕۆژ”.

He added that “$ 110 million of the amount allocated to the arming brigades of Peshmerga and $ 15 million for the communications system, and $ 10 million for training, as part of the amount allocated for armament supplies and equipment.”


The United States has allocated last year, $ 415 million for salaries and supplies forces Albeshmrkh.anthy 29 / d 24