Iraqi forces: ready to break into the last bastions stronghold in Mosul


26 May, 2017

Iraqi forces in the old city west of Mosul

Iraqi forces in the old city west of Mosul

Iraqi forces have completed their preparations for the liberation of the three remaining areas under the control of an al-Qa’ida organization on the right side of Mosul, about three months after launching its military operations to restore the area.

The spokesman of the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man told “Radio Sawa” the readiness of Iraqi forces to restore the neighborhood of Al-Shifa and Zinjili neighborhood and the old city.

Al-Nu’man said that the numbers being traded on the number of armed men in the remaining areas of the city were inaccurate, stressing the importance of Iraqi forces preparations for this stage of the battles that started in October last year.

Al-Nu’man pointed out that the organization will be based largely on individual suicide bombers and civilians as human shields because of the decline of the capabilities of combat organization.

The Popular Forces forces continue their military operations in the district of Al-Baaj west of Nineveh province, surrounded the village of Ranbosi north of Al-Ajaj and destroyed a number of cars mined, according to a statement on Friday.

Source: Radio Sawa

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