Federal intensified bombing of the old Mosul as a prelude to storm



Federal intensify the bombing of the old Mosul as a prelude to storm
3 hours ago

Twilight News / said the federal police chief said his forces intensified on Friday the bombing of al-Daesh sites in the old city of Mosul left the coast in preparation for the storm.

Team Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a press statement reported to Twilight News, that “pieces of police stationed in the southern axes and North Chen shelling intensive missiles Krad and field artillery and aviation march targeting the headquarters Aldoaash and defenses in the door of the brick and the door of a new al-Faruq and Zndjeli a prelude to the storming of the old city in the coming hours and massing troops especially for the evacuation of civilians and help them out of the areas of engagement. “

He added that “our forces are able to resolve the battle of the old city and the restoration of Al-Nouri mosque and Daesh loses control over the near humpback vital areas.”



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