Demanding citizens to leave the old Mosul in preparation for storming


27/5/2017 12:00 am

The crowd frees scores of areas and moves towards the Ba’aj
Mosul / Al-Sabah / Shorouq Maher
In a field demonstration on the near liberation of the remainder of the right side of Mosul during the next few days, the Operations Command «Coming Nineveh» appealed to the residents of 9 areas to leave immediately to eliminate the remaining ” At a time when the federal police units liberated vital buildings that enabled our forces to impose their firepower on the area surrounding the Hadba Lighthouse in the Old City, the Popular Popular Forces continued their advance in the operations of Muhammad Rasool Allah II to liberate al-Baaj district. Hours of editing of QQ scores Rai and areas.
The commander of operations, “coming to Nineveh,” Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah, residents of the areas that are still not liberated on the right side of Mosul to leave “immediately.” The media cell quoted Yarallah in a statement saying: “To our people in areas: Al-Faruq – Ras Al-Kor – Midan – A brick door and a new door, your armed forces have completed with the help of Allah and the heroism of the heroes to destroy the enemy “Al-Daashi” in all areas of the right coast and the rest of which is trying to tamper with the lives of civilians in your areas and your use of human shields “He said.
The statement added that “the Iraqi government and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, are keen on you and officials for your safety and signatories to complete the liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq.” He said to the residents, “To achieve these noble national goals, and spare you any losses wanted by the enemy to oppress you, And to allow the armed forces to complete their tasks of liberation quickly, we ask all of you to go out and go immediately to the safe passages that we will determine you on the ground, and you will be waiting for you guides and protectors and wheels to get you to safe places.

Promises of victory
Following the statement, air force planes dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets on the right-hand areas. “The Iraqi Air Force aircraft dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets demanding citizens to leave areas in the center of Mosul on the right side, which is still unedited, through safe corridors in preparation for storming and editing. “
“The next few days will witness the liberation of the rest of the city of Mosul, despite the difficulty of fighting in them,” spokesman for joint operations Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a press statement on Friday that “the rest of the right coast of Mosul does not exceed a few neighborhoods to parts of the old Mosul, and will carry the next few days Bishara edit coast right in full and after a short time of Mosul, declares the editor of Aldoaash is an abomination. “
Humpback Lighthouse
In turn, Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat said that the federal police forces took control of vital buildings on Thursday in the old area on the right side of the city of Mosul, Jawdat said in a statement on Friday, “Federal police forces carried out specific combat duties targeted targets for the evangelist In the brick door inside the old city and took over vital buildings that enabled our forces to impose their firepower on the area surrounding the humpback. “Our cadres are opening safe corridors and routes to evacuate the displaced and special logistics routes linking the areas of engagement in the city, Banqueting centers of leadership and operations in Badush in preparation for the launch of the liberation of the remaining operations of the city of Mosul. “
For its part, the leadership of the anti-terrorism apparatus, that “the area of ​​control of the organization” calling “on the right side of the city of Mosul has shrunk to a very large extent,” The leadership that “its forces will participate in the battles to liberate the old city in Mosul,” expected “resolve the battles during the ten days Coming “.

Popular Crowds
On Friday, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) began carrying out a qualitative operation to cut off a supply line between Adnanieh and Al-A’aj to fill the second page of al-Baaj liberation operations west of Mosul. The heroes of the crowd was able to edit Sinjar base complex Dumez and residential.
“The forty-eleventh brigade of the popular crowd has carried out a qualitative operation to cut off a supply route” between the Adnaniya and the Baaj district west of Mosul, the media said in a statement. “The crowd’s current style is to skip “He added that” the arrival of the popular crowd of this road will involve the second page of the operations of (Muhammad Rasul Allah II), “pointing out that the” fulcrum “urged” Currently in Al-Qahtaniyah and Adnaniyah. “
On Friday, the Popular Forces continued their march towards al-Baj district in the operation called “The Sinjar Martyrs” from several axes and was able to liberate dozens of areas in the operation that started last Wednesday. The crowd arrived at the Dumiz complex adjacent to the Sinjar mountains, Between Sinjar and Al-A’aj 33 km. The villages of Amelihat, Rafieh, Al-Wahhabi Dome, Kujou, Tal Ghazi, Northern Biski, Southern Baski, Hatamiyah, Qabusiya and Ranbussi were also liberated. “Thirty-eight elements of the” Daqash “were killed, including four suicide bombers, 13 booby-trapped by the forces of the crowd and the army, and the destruction of eight wheels, the statement said. And the Directorate of Logistics Support in the popular mobilization transferred displaced families to the liberated villages and provided transport mechanisms and medical and humanitarian relief supplies after the popular crowd forces managed to take them out through safe passages in the liberated villages. “

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