Action The World Bank is involved in the implementation of the cash transfer program for health and education


Action The World Bank is involved in the implementation of the cash transfer program for health and education

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
On Friday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs participated in a workshop organized by the World Bank on the operational support for the trial program for conditional cash transfers for health and education in the presence of representatives of the Ministries of Labor, Education and Health and UNICEF at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.
“The workshop included a review of the final technical steps to complete the operational guide with the Ministries of Health and Education, including the services and human resources required to implement the program and the basic benchmarks, and a review of the communication plan,” Labor Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem said in a statement received by Al Ghad Press. For the pilot program according to the design prepared by the Ministry of Labor and the preparation of a timetable for implementation and provide the necessary support.
“The workshop reviewed the progress made in preparing the case management program, reviewing and determining the expected role of the social researchers in the pilot project and designing a capacity building program over the next three months to implement the project,” Menem said, adding that the workshop focused on achieving a full understanding of the program, Conditional cash transfer program in the two districts of Sadr 2 and Chabaish. “
“The work plan for the remittances project includes the completion of the terms of reference for the management and distribution of cases for the purposes of review and agreement on the training of social and media researchers on the conditional cash transfer program and case management and a survey of selected beneficiaries by the Ministry of Labor to join the program with the launch of an awareness campaign” .
He pointed out that “the media plan that coincides with the cash transfer program begins to form a media team to follow up the plan and move to take advantage of the weekly television programs in the media to reach the target groups and agree with one of the producers to prepare a representative section to communicate the idea and prepare advertisements for the program.
“The plan also includes sending text messages to beneficiary phones and coordinating with ministries of education and health to benefit from their media experiences and holding direct television and radio interviews to reach beneficiary families in cooperation with civil society organizations, as well as using the card card to report conditional aid, “He said.
For his part, World Bank representative Ramzi Noman said that “the cash transfer program aims to make the family understand the importance of health and education.” The trend towards these two sectors allows for the poverty level of families benefiting from the social protection program to be reached.
“The pilot program is based mainly on the reports of ministries of labor, health and education to reach the beneficiary families to be aware of the importance of the program and its choice between joining or not,” he said, adding that “the families of the program sent their children to schools and continued receiving health care before giving them the financial incentive” .
He stressed “the importance of an intensive media campaign to work on changing the behavior of families through the continuation of education and awareness, which is the work of the social researcher and educational adviser and health worker.”



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