Will Iraq soon announce its full and final victory over the “preacher”?




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Guest of the seminar: Hisham al-Hashemi – a strategic expert and researcher on security issues

القوات الأمريكية في العراق

The seminar discusses the rapid military progress of the Iraqi forces towards the right-hand side of the city of Mosul and the arrival of special combat reinforcements there as part of the ongoing preparations to break into the old area for the purpose of recovering them from the control of the “Daash” organization.The organization “Daqash” has been holed up in this area of ​​overcrowding and the narrow streets and construction of the dilapidated, which is not allowed to enter the military wheels.

The joint security forces, with the participation of the popular crowd, carried out a military operation on 19 February to restore the right side of the city of Mosul to remove elements of the organization “Daash” from the last stronghold in the country, and was able to restore about 90% of the areas of the right coast of the city, From recovering the entire left side on 24 January.

The seminar also discusses allegations of abuse, torture and killing of civilians by security forces during a campaign to expel the Daash organization from the city of Mosul.Last week, German magazine Der Spiegel published a report that included photographs of what appeared to be torture scenes taken by a photographer who collaborated with the Iraqi Intervention Rapid Response Squad. The photos showed detainees held accused of belonging to or sympathizing with a “preacher.” The journalist wrote that the prisoners had been subjected to torture that led to death, and were raped and stabbed.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji instructed the deputies “to investigate the clear and impartial investigation … to take legal action against the defaulters if the investigation proves that.”

The Rapid Intervention Squad is one of the government’s security services that has helped to expel Dahesh from all parts of Mosul except for a pocket in the western part of the city in seven months of fighting.

“The decision of the Minister of Interior to form a committee to investigate allegations of violations against detainees is a correct step and should be strengthened in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow up the evidence and documents available to the German magazine to investigate and investigate the suspects,” said Hashemi Hashemi.In an interview with the Panorama program, al-Hashemi said it was not too early for Iraqi forces to begin announcing their final victory in Mosul, given that less than 3 percent of Mosul’s total area remained under the control of Da’ash.

He added that the organization “lost its ability to surprise or initiative or even to open gaps to escape, and all he does is sniper operations and suicide operations and hide behind the citizens who take them hostage.”

On the causes of displacement of large numbers of citizens of Mosul, al-Hashemi related primarily to the indiscriminate bombing of the extremist organization, which caused the deaths of many citizens, in addition to the survival of citizens trapped for more than 6 months, so they have very large food and health needs, The city’s population is driven away. “

On the rumors about taking the Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions inside the city and active under the cover of the popular crowd, the Iraqi expert said that during his tour of the city did not stand on any office advertised to these forces, either as advisers or fighters, especially that the Popular Forces and allied forces did not open headquarters Only in the Nineveh stream and under its party titles and not under its military titles. “

Prepared by Fahim Sourani





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