Iraq is preparing to launch a second meal of the Treasury Bonds    

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Thursday, the bank’s readiness to put up the second meal of Treasury bills by $ billion global banks.
Keywords and said in an interview seen by the “Economy News”, “bonds that were guaranteed by the US government raised and sold by $ billion, this guarantee has helped to reduce the interest rate to about 2 percent, or a little more than that.”
He added Keywords that “Iraq has the intention of offering another billion and this was the goal from the beginning, according to the budget law that raises two billion dollars, In order not to be interest high cost guaranteed US US billion dollars to be a billion other interest-bearing market combines with other interest, so that the average up to two billion five percent, and this has helped to reduce interest “, stressing that” work is under way on the configuration to put these bonds to international banks. ”
Keywords confirmed “that there are no conditions or dictates on Iraq by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on the issue of loans”, while noting that “the reserve of hard currency comfortable and reassuring in accordance with international standards.”
Keywords pointed to “Iraq’s success in the transition to the rank of Member of following according to the rankings of international financial dealings after he was threatened with years ago by placing it on the black list.”


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