The World Bank Minister of Planning discusses with the World Bank to contribute to support the reconstruction of liberated areas


(Independent) .. Planning Minister Salman Jumaili discussed in his office at the ministry with the regional director of the World Bank in the Middle East Saroj Kumar Jha details of the plan for the reconstruction of liberated areas prepared by the Ministry and will be approved by the Council of Ministers soon

Jumaili said during the meeting that the plan to restore stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas will be over 10 years and within the framework of the first two development plans for the period 2018-2022 and the second for the period 2023-2028, indicating that the estimated amount of reconstruction estimated at 100 billion dollars, the government seeks to provide through grants and loans And the allocation of the state budget over the years of the plan.

He called on the Bank and the international community to support Iraq in providing part of the funds to enable it to implement the plan, which will proceed in three main axes according to the priorities of projects.

Al-Jumaili pointed out that these axes focus on economic development, social and human development and rehabilitation of infrastructure within the framework of the governance of the reconstruction process through coordination between the concerned national authorities and international donors.

For his part, World Bank Regional Director for the Middle East, Saroj Kumar, said the Bank is ready to provide support and assistance to Iraq in implementing the plan for the reconstruction of liberated areas

He explained that the bank has developed a strategic plan for 5 years, including details of the task of participating in the reconstruction process, noting that some reconstruction projects funded by the World Bank has been started in practice

Kumar called on the Iraqi side to identify the priorities of the projects that it finds important at the current stage

, Stressing the importance of Iraq in the region and the world because of the economic and human capabilities that enable him to play an active role in the international economy.

At the same time, Kumar praised the efforts of the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Planning to develop reconstruction plans and strategies.



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