ISIS leader al-Baghdadi flees Mosul as terrorists are liquidated


May 24 2017 06:56 PM
ISIS leader al-Baghdadi
ISIS leader al-Baghdadi

Leader of ISIS terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi escaped the Iraqi city of Mosul which is about to witness the last stand for the terrorists, Sputnik quoted representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Mosul.

Baghdadi has allegedly fled to the Syrian border. It is reported that only four quarters of Mosul are currently under ISIS control. The rest of the city has been liberated.

The representative further said that another emir of ISIS, a citizen of Denmark named Humany, has managed to escape from Mosul.

However, most of the foreign emirs and militants of ISIS have been liquidated.

He added that before fleeing Mosul, the terrorists destroy all documents and papers relating to the activities of the organization.

On February 19, US-led coalition and Iraqi forces launched a wide-scale  offensive to liberate Mosul’s right bank from ISIS terrorists. More than 95% of the city has been liberated.


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