combat special forces to storm the last bastion Daesh in Mosul


Special combat troops to storm the last bastion Daesh in Mosul
39 minutes ago

Twilight News / security source said that reinforcements arrived special combat on Wednesday to the old city on the left coast of the perimeter of the connector such as an attack on the last stronghold of al Daesh.

The source explained in a statement to the Twilight News, that “special combat reinforcements arrived at the federal police forces in the center of the old city of Mosul area Ayman coming from the left side.”

He added that these reinforcements come in the framework of the ongoing preparations to break into the old area and freed from the control of the organization Daesh.

The source pointed out that the organization of taking Daesh Aths in this region populated and overcrowded narrow streets and dilapidated building, which is not allowed to enter the military wheels to it.

In a separate development, the source said, “Nineveh local police forces have arrested four members of the organization Daesh while trying to enter the left coast, the editor of the city of Mosul after fleeing from the right coast battles and hide among civilians displaced.”


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