Abadi confirms that Iraq on the doors of the victory record on the “urging”


Wednesday, 24 May

The Arabs Today -

Arabs today - Abadi confirms that Iraq at the gates of the registration victory on the "dashing"

Haidar al-Abbadi, Iraqi Prime Minister
Baghdad – Najla al-Tai

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that Iraq is on the verge of registering the final victory over the organization “Daash” .A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office that Abadi “received a large group of Iraqi artists,” and pointed out that we are on the door to register the final victory over elements of “radical” to open new doors of reconstruction and community building and hope for the country.

“The government is keen to protect the Iraqi artist and all citizens,” the statement said, pointing out that “the role of the artist in the battle is clear and appreciated and the pride of the government,” and pointed to “the importance of integration between the artist and athlete, engineer, doctor and the rest of the slides to convey the clear image of the country “He said.

“The Iraqi steadfastness needs to be focused and to be moved with admiration to the world. There are national heroines of all sects fighting in Mosul and achieving victories, and this is proof of our unity and strength.”Abadi said that “artists have an important role in reducing sectarianism and ethnicity, which we need to support,” stressing that “constructive criticism we benefit from because it indicates imbalance or lack of attention.”

He stressed “the support of the government for art and push forward, especially art that carries the national dimension, humanitarian and community,” explaining that “Iraq is ahead of many good and we have priorities for support and justice in the distribution of wealth.”



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