97 percent of Ayman al-Mosul, however, our forces


5/25/2017 0:28

The popular crowd heading to the maintenance of the border with Syria
Mosul / morning
completed our security heroine editing 97 percent of the right side of the city of Mosul. This comes at a time when approaching the popular crowd of keeping the border with Syria to prevent the infiltration of terrorist forces.
He revealed a member of the Council of Nineveh province , for the survival of a few hundred Aldoaash trapped in a small percentage of the area of Ayman al- Mosul ,representing parts of the two districts and the old city, in exchange for control of the kinds of military forces completely on most other parts will be editing the rest over the next few days.
He said council member Hossam Alabbar said «Joint Forces continue to release theremaining parts of operations shy Zndjeli and healing old and Mosul».
He predicted the resolution of the final battle before the holy month of Ramadan, warning that «our forces in various impose its different forms full control over 97 percent of thetotal area of the coast».
He added that « the number of people held by the gangs in these neighborhoods is about 35 thousand citizens who are fully prepared to cooperate with the liberated forces in theevent of breaking into their areas».
Correspondent «morning» as quoted by the commander of the second band to a fight against terrorism, Maj . Gen. Maan al- Saadi, who is in the field, confirmed continuing liberalization of the remaining Ayman Mosul , according to orders by the senior leadership operations, adding that « the enemy Aldaasha lost his abilities and is completely broken little was left to announce this completely liberating the coast. »
He added that «was our mandate by the commander of the armed forces to continue to progress towards the neighborhoods and areas is liberated in cooperation and coordination with the pieces located on the right coast of the army and federal police».


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