Western analysis: the Kurdistan Region is waiting for a bright economic future

 Twilight News    

 8 minutes ago

Twilight News / touched on a global economic site in an analytical report on Tuesday to the future of the Kurdistan region and other regions in Iraq terms of economic development, pointing out that the Kurdistan economy is moving towards progress and development. 

The deployment of the energy site and capital (Energy and Capital) in which the subject stressed that the source , who attaches importance to the evaluation of investment in the oil and gas sector in the world is predicted economic recovery in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region Guy near future. 

In addition , the reference to the war being waged by the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army forces during the past two years against the organization “Daesh” terrorist and destroy this organization in various regions of Iraq, wrote the site that after the end of the “Daesh”, the investment and operating capital in the oil and gas sectors in the region will see significant progress . 

The report also noted that the presence of many of the major international companies in the Kurdistan Region in the oil and gas sector is important, declaring that economic terms, is expected to witness the Kurdistan region and the rest of Iraq a bright future, as the expression site.



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