The stage of abandoning the organization .. Wives of the elements of evangelists flee to their country



23-05-2017 10:37 PM

With the vastness of land lost by a hasty organization in Iraq and Syria, many wives of militant militants in the organization have begun to flee and return to their country, including dozens who have returned to Britain, increasing the security alert in the country.

The wife of a German beggar, who fled northern Syria, told the Telegraph newspaper that 35 women had fled the organization since the beginning of the year.

The 28-year-old woman indicated that dozens of women had fled the areas controlled by the organization and had tried to reach Turkey since the beginning of the year, explaining that 5 to 10 women had been sent to Britain.

She also said that widows live in overcrowded condominiums, noting that many of them have decided to leave because their husbands were killed in the fighting or are preparing to carry out suicide attacks.

She explained that they are paying thousands of pounds sterling to human smugglers, so they can enter Turkey, and resort to their embassies there.

Some 850 people have left Britain to join Damascus in Iraq and Syria, some 350 of them returned, of whom only 54 have been tried, while 30 others have been charged. This has sparked controversy in Britain, ‘

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