Minister of Communications receives Deputy Ambassador and Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy Stephanie Williams



23-05-2017 01:09 PM


Minister of Communications Hassan Kazem Al-Rashed received in his office the Charge d’affaires of the US Embassy, ​​Deputy Ambassador Stephanie Williams, and reviewed the two sides of the common interest, especially in relation to the Iraqi issue.

Al-Rashed pointed out that his numerous visits to the cities of the United States of America and his close knowledge of many of the experiences of its institutions regarding the system of liberties of the American people promised a state of wide freedoms, indicating that there is a global revolution of progress and progress in all sectors. A country to another between the inside and outside is a state of solid institutions enjoying freedoms guaranteed by the law and the Constitution of every citizen that does not affect the general state of the state.

“The current stage needs to crystallize a large international cooperation to help Iraq in the completion of the post-urging, especially after the victories achieved by the security forces, where the battle of Mosul and the battles that preceded it a wonderful image of unity and solidarity among the Iraqi people in order to liberate the land and the citizen At the same time, the desecration of criminal gangs Takfiri and the need to continue to provide security, logistical and economic support for Iraq, especially from the United States of America and move forward in the implementation of the Strategic Framework Agreement in addition to what can be provided by neighboring countries for the sake of Promoted this plight, which represented Iraq as the main party to fight global terrorism and what our country can play a positive role in bringing the views of neighboring countries closer together.

For her part, Stephanie Williams expressed her thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Communications for the good reception and hospitality. The United States is proud of its relations and achievements with the current Iraqi government and the Iraqi people, which represents a model of the convergence of civilizations throughout history. It also appreciated the role of the Iraqi security forces in all their forms and forms in defeating Provide the necessary protection for the displaced and rehabilitation of basic services such as water services and food, and provide and rehabilitation of universities and schools for the return of students and this is clear evidence of the success of the current experiment.

Williams expressed her country’s readiness to continue providing security and economic support in the post-Saddam era. He called for Iraq to be re-established as a unique model in the international arena after the efforts to restore national unity through a comprehensive reconciliation among the people. Military consultation, combating terrorism, supporting civil society organizations, demining and reconstruction of cities through the Iraqi government, in cooperation with Iraqi field commanders and ministries, wishing the success and success of his work.

For his part, Al-Rashed presented a commemorative gift that included a panel on the authenticity and civilization of historic Iraq, expressing his gratitude for this visit, which strengthens the bonds between the Iraqi government and the United States of America for the public interest and that Iraq is going through its peaceful democratic experiment for the transfer of power and elections. In all its diversity and offering the best services, stressing at the same time the continued efforts of his ministry to achieve the best achievements in the level of modern electronic services ..


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