Kubiš: edit Mosul is inevitable and days {} Daesh numbered

5/24/2017 0:00
BAGHDAD / morning 

Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, announced that nearly 120 thousand displaced people from the city of Mosul, have returned to their homes in the liberated neighborhoods, stressing that “Daesh” days in Iraq are numbered and the liberation of Mosul “is inevitable.”

He said Kubiš in a speech before the UN Security Council: “Since the beginning of the military operation to liberate Mosul , leaving 700 thousand people lost their homes, and managed about five displaced people to return, while leaving about 200 thousand Iraqis in areas controlled by ” Daesh “right – connector coast neighborhoods,” he added “these people are suffering a severe shortage of food and drinking water because of ” Daesh, “noting that” the creation of the necessary conditions for the return of people to their areas must be one of the priorities of the Iraqi government. ”

He expressed confidence Kubiš imminent defeat of the terrorist organization in Iraq , saying: ” The days of the so – called” Caliphate State “alleged in Iraq are numbered, the liberation of the city of Mosul, which was” Daesh “stronghold of the president in Iraq is inevitable.”

On the other hand, the newspaper “Aaszewstaa” Russian revealed on Tuesday, the arrival of the first Italian contingent of some 500 advisers to Iraq, noting that the task of this unit would be in consultation Mosul Dam.

The newspaper reported that: “Italy sent its first contingent of 500 military advisers some of the elite regiment Bersagliera VI”, indicating that “their mission in Iraq would be to protect the consultation of Mosul Dam”.


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