«Daesh» admits defeat in Iraq

5/23/2017 0:38
Baghdad / morning 

   clearly emerged from the visual release last to organize «Daesh» terrorist , which was broadcast two days ago , entitled «answered the call», that the organization lives in this period , the case is similar to the first days of its inception, ie , he returned to zero or trough of a new point, after losing 96 percent of the control areas in Iraq , and more than 80 percent of Syrian territory many battles fought by the Iraqi and Syrian parties in which we were able to extract large areas of the terrorist organization , especially in the last year until


A report published on Monday , affiliated to the People ‘s Media Directorate crowd that « the first images in version numbers show a few of the elements of « Daesh »percent do not exceed their numbers , most of them minors or the elderly and the decline in the proportion of young people the appearance of


The release brings us back to the start of the terrorist organization the early days, and how it attracted extremists through inflammatory speeches and urging the fighting and playing the sectarian (Silks and our brothers in the prisons), confirming the loss of huge numbers of armed men youth in many areas, between the dead and a fugitive or detainee ». Begging and Harpoon and more detail, this release may be devoid of scenes of combat and military operations and adopted «Daesh» in which the old scenes, and some of the words of blame and rebuke the fugitive to its elements , whom he described as (women) under the words «O women Bamaim and beards», the based on (release) sermons inside mosques incite people, using Koranic verses and sayings of Maolh urging them to jihad and fighting in the ranks of the organization , even though the fighting of their places! To draw «Daesh» Compass appeal for women to volunteer fighting, and to young Muslims in Europe to carry out attacks in countries Iqtnoha, and sent a clear signal to the international coalition, calling the Crusader alliance and incitement to target and the targeting of participating countries. Adoption of defeat and analyzing the scenes used in the mosques, the most inflammatory speeches that appeared in the release were from inside the mosques of Syria, did any sermon from inside Iraq appears, as well as the release shows clearly on the move from Syria and Iraq to (states) other either in Yemen or Libya Sinai and Khorasan, saying: «I save your intention and renewed and that is not possible for you to meet the call in the Levant and Iraq Fimm face to the state of the states (Islamic state), this is Yemen, Libya, Sinai , and Khorasan, East Asia, West Africa and the Caucasus to open their doors to those who wanted to support the religion of Allah», confirms the «Daesh» totally lost in Iraq and Syria , and there is no To re – heal the formations in these areas and began to resort to other countries. The causes and realities of the foregoing shows clearly that the terrorist organization has the ability to include new militants for several reasons: 1 / exposure of the real purpose of the organization, and his appearance on the reality that gangs killing and looting carrying the purpose of material destructive far from Islam , the true teachings, contrary to what was promoted by the elements defending Islam and for the year. 2 / which was the main roads enters the new terrorists into the territory controlled by the «Daesh» interruption, thanks to the Iraqi forces and the popular crowd , which imposed control on the border with Syria. 3 / terrorists killed most of the specialist recruitment, in addition to losing all the training camps where they trained new operatives. 4 / loss of mass base , which relied on the recruitment, mobility and control.


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