Abadi: Everyone is subject to the law and will not allow the state to carry weapons outside

Political Since 05/23/2017 19:01 am (Baghdad time)



BAGHDAD – The balance of News

Confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, that all citizens are subject to the law and will not allow anyone to carry weapons outside the scope of the state and to encroach upon the law, as pointed out that the use of the popular crowd and other issues is unacceptable.

Ebadi said, at a press conference, attended / scales News /, the “Sons of the popular crowd and liberate land and sacrifice Bonevsm with the rest of the security forces will not allow its use to other issues”, as pointed out that “the war against Daesh will remain Introduction to everything and has a priority which is so essential to achieve the final victory by editing the entire Alaradionrvd presence of any non-Iraqi forces on our land, and we have enough forces and our decision to the sovereign. ”

He continued Abadi, “shall not occupy our security services side problems operated by the face of terrorism,” stressing that “everyone should be subject to the law and will not allow to carry weapons outside the state and to encroach upon the law.”

He pointed out, “we have issued several directives to take all of the right to offend the state apparatus tough measures,” pointing out that “we will confront strongly any attack or bypass the checkpoints.”

He added that “the prestige of the state of the prestige of the citizen and the duty to protect citizens from terrorism, crime and kidnapping,” but he also said, “thank God every day check our troops a new victory for the liberalization of new areas in Mosul, was today liberation of Kairouan by the popular crowd forces.”

The Abadi, that “as a result of the growing potential of intelligence was an air strike to dens Daesh in the Qaim area,” Msttrda “set off at dawn today a joint operation between the Baghdad Operations Command and the leadership of eastern Anbar operations to secure the area around Baghdad, security and search for arms caches and hideouts of terrorism and follow-up in cooperation with the citizens of the inhabitants of the areas. ”

He pointed out, “we are trying to establish a network relations and exchange of interests to reduce the differences and achieve stability,” following up “visited Iraq this week, Deputy Secretary-General for Environmental Affairs and Cooperation to raise the mine and others, Saudi Minister of Oil on the control of OPEC prices, the foreign minister of Qatar, and we received an invitation to visit Qatar “.anthy 29/6 n



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