Tigris confirms the stability of security operations in Diyala


5/22/2017 0:00

Architecture / Saad Hassan    Baquba / Nabil Shammari
managed Maysan police headquarters and theprotection of installations and in cooperation with the emergency and crime regiments, from thearrest of 19 suspects wanted to eliminate, according to the crimes of murder, theft and drug trafficking, while the Diyala police command confirmed the stability of security in the province.
According to Maysan police chief Brigadier General Nizar Mohi – Saadi in a statement »Sabah», that «detachments on the western police stations centers and Alekhala and Hungary Great, managed to arrest six wanted men according to murder» adding that «Sadr police station elements to the Hittin police Department, arrested two wanted according to the threat of crimes, and another defendant is required in accordance withArticle (432) was arrested by the detachments of the Islamic unity police station ».
Saadi added that «anti – crime squads in Maysan police arrested four suspects ,including wanted in accordance with Article 14 drugs, in addition to the arrest of six wanted to eliminate, by detachments of sections of the town and the external checkpoints». Pointing out that « the accused were interrogated and referred to thejudiciary to take legal action against them.»
On the other hand, the Diyala police command confirmed that , during a security conference chaired by the commander of the Tigris operations, and in the presence of the provincial police chief and a number of military commanders and directors ofintelligence services and agencies Chock, the stability of security in the province.
The commander of the Tigris operations, Lieutenant – General Mazhar al – Azzawi, in aninterview (morning), that «Diyala province is witnessing stable security and clear, with thecontinued security operations prepared by the command of operations in the raid and searched some areas that are trying to terrorist Daesh gangs, presence where after fleeing areas of editing operations in Mosul and will not allow in the areas of the province by being ».
Among al – Azzawi, he said that « the security forces killed 13 terrorists, within the boycotted responsibility, eight terrorists in Amerli, and five others in the Hamrin».
For his part, Diyala province police chief, Maj . Gen. Jassim Hussein al – Saadi, during the conference, that « the police were able to address the operations of organized crime in the province, did not indicate any kidnapping from the middle of last month , and so far, except for one case of murder were seized the haste with which the crime was carried out and chasing criminals, and operations arrested 26 criminals recorded and ratified their claims judicially, and confessed to having committed kidnappings and armed robbery during the previous period ».



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