The World Bank confirms the existence of plans for the reconstruction of the liberated areas



Called on the World Bank, on Sunday, the Jordanian private sector to build alliances with its counterparts in the Arab countries, to have a chance of future expansion outside of the border, through the reconstruction of Iraq, Libya and Yemen projects, confirming the presence of the reconstruction of the liberated areas serious plans.
Deputy World Bank Group Middle East director of adviser Abdullah Darderi in a press statement seen by “Economy News”, “States that required the reconstruction need large sums of money,” explaining that “the World Bank provides advice, advice and financial support to build strategies for re ages with the participation of governments in those countries. “
Darderi added that Jordan can prepare itself for the possibility to participate in the reconstruction of the countries of the region, through the creation of these alliances, “noting that” the World Bank is currently working to attract investment in the contract document with Jordan, Jordan Compact, relating to the operation of Jordanians and Syrians. “
Darderi explained that “Jordan will participate in the reconstruction in the three countries,” adding that “dialogue is based in Iraq, Libya and Yemen.”
He Darderi that “there are important dialogues are underway for reconstruction in Libya and what needs the situation in Libya economic visions and programs and there to re-areas that were demolished in Iraq because of the crisis there are serious plans, in addition to the reconstruction of the liberated areas of gang Daesh.”

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