of America funded a program at a cost of $ 106 million in Iraq


America funded a program at a cost of $ 106 million in Iraq
30 minutes ago

Twilight News / said the Embassy of the United States of America said that her country’s government program funded by “progress” at a cost of 106 million dinars to improve local services for Iraqis.

The embassy said in a statement reported to Twilight News that Stephanie Williams, Acting United States Embassy and Maria Lungi Director aid agency for Middle East Affairs at the US State Agency for International Development Houdrta on Sunday and the final workshop the US – Iraqi Joint Program (progress).

This will help the initiative amounting to $ 106 million, and funded by the American people through the US Agency for International Development, the local Iraqi authorities to improve public services through the implementation of Law No. 21, as amended and which gives local authorities and provincial authorities greater powers to meet the needs of citizens in their areas.

In her opening remarks, the list said the work Williams: “The good governance and economic growth are interdependent and indivisible and mutually reinforcing, and are the key to Iraq’s stability and well-being of his people and prosperity.”

The project works to strengthen the governance of the United States Agency for International Development with the central and local and provincial governments to develop their capacity to provide basic services to the Iraqi people.

The project will continue the subsequent program (progress) to provide an important forum for officials from all over the country as well as international experts to develop decentralization strategies that support Iraq’s sovereign unified and prosperous democracy that meets the aspirations of all Iraqis.




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