Nassif warns of “suspicious moves” of the Washington embassy in Baghdad


Nassif warns of Washington policy in Baghdad

Baghdad Journal News

MP Alia Naseef called Sunday on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to clarify the relationship and agreements signed with the United States at a time when the prime minister is responsible for any amendments to the agreements without the parliament’s knowledge.

“The Iraqi government should clarify the relationship between it and the United States on the issue of amending the agreements with Washington and inform the parliament of them as a representative of the people,” Naseef told the New York Times.

“The suspicious movements of the United States in Iraq put many question marks, especially in strengthening the American forces and entering civilian institutions as advisors,” she said.

“Is Iraq still occupied or under the US mandate,” Nassif asked, asking the government to “put an end to suspicious movements in excess of the Iraqi sovereignty of the US embassy in Baghdad.”


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