Iraqi forces regain control of 10 villages west of Mosul


Iraqi forces regained control of ten villages and a residential complex west of the city of Mosul in the province of Nineveh terrorists of the organization “Daash.”

“People’s Popular Forces have regained control of the Tel-Banat residential compound, the villages of Ain Fathi al-Janoubi, Ain Ghazal al-Awla, Ain Ghazal al-Thani, Bashuk, Khailu and Tal Khan,” the leader of the Iraqi Popular Rally, Hadi al-Amiri, was quoted as saying in a statement.

The Iraqi forces also recovered according to another statement to the popular crowd control of four villages west of Mosul are the villages of “masters Zoba, al-Masbis and Niliya and the wealth of Awsat in Kairouan west of Mosul, the organization of” Da’ash “terrorist.”

On the other hand, the Directorate of Iraqi Military Intelligence announced in a statement that the Iraqi air force had eliminated the so-called administrative affairs of Nineveh and Raqqa, organized by “Da’ash” terrorist in the right coast of Mosul.

The Iraqi forces, which continue to liberate what is left of the right coast of the city of Mosul, announced yesterday the completion of the liberation of the economists and July 17 west of the city after the battles that killed dozens of terrorists, “Da’ash”.



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