«Daesh» breaks down and clears its leaders from Mosulthe source:Baghdad, Mosul – the statement, agencies

Date:May 22, 2017

He acknowledged the organization «Daesh» defeat in Mosul and ordered its leaders of importance to withdraw immediately towards the Syrian border, after the collapse of successive in its ranks, according to reports by Iraqi sites, at a time when Iraqi forces announced that it had recovered 47 dead in the western side of the conductor and they are surrounded by elements of the organization in only one district .
The commander of the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces team Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi The announcement by the end of the existence of the organization Daesh in the entire western side of the connector «will soon after it began to collapse.» He added that the mission of these forces «ended on the west side of the connector after it managed to restore 47 was left alive only Najjar neighborhood».
For his part, head of the anti-terrorism student Hgati announced that his troops fighting mission in the western part of the city of Mosul «has ended after the achievement of all the goals set by the military command of these forces».
He Hgati told reporters from Mosul that these forces «managed to restore 47 alive and is now fighting in al-Najjar neighborhood who will be the last neighborhoods in this task», and they will be waiting for new instructions from the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi forces.
Iraqi sources said that the fighting is currently taking place in Al-Najjar neighborhood, near the 17th district of July, another neighborhood that Iraqi forces announced a storm Saturday in an attempt to restore it from the organization.
In a related context, a security source said that three civilians were killed by al-Daesh while trying to escape from the control of the organization areas in the north of the west of Mosul, the source added that the snipers organization shot fleeing the al-Najjar neighborhood on their way to reach areas under the control of Iraqi forces areas.
Quoted Iraqi sites for residents in western Mosul, said the organization ordered his commanders to withdraw from Mosul towards the Syrian border and that the organization actually conceded defeat and acknowledged that he was no longer fighting the previous ruthlessness, noting that the ongoing fighting is a tactical plan to enable leaders to stay away.
In another development reported sites close to the terrorist organization that 13 militiamen were killed in the popular crowd organization targeted sites belonging to the militia attack on the island area linking the provinces of Salahuddin and Anbar.


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