Washington and Riyadh sign contracts to arm more than a hundred billion dollars,


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Khandan – held a summit on Saturday in Riyadh between Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and US President Donald Trump in the presence of senior officials of their countries, and during which the announcement of the signing of arms contracts worth $ 110 billion.

Trump began Saturday ‘s visit to Saudi Arabia is the official , his first abroad since taking office in January and received a warm reception in the Kingdom.

The news agency “Agence France – Presse , ” an official at the White House as saying that Saudi arms contracts include US equipment and maintenance services to enhance the capabilities of the Kingdom and the Gulf States.

The official said Trump and his foreign minister , Rex Tillerson “will attend the signing ceremony of (…) for about $ 110 billion of arms sales” to Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that arms sales include defense equipment and maintenance services “supports Saudi Arabia and theGulf region ‘s security in the long term in the face of Iranian threats.”

On the other hand, the US official said the arms sales also aims to “strengthen the capacity of the Kingdom in contributing to the anti – terrorism operations in the region, which reduces the weight placed on US forces in theimplementation of those operations.”

He believed that the agreement on sales “commitment of the United States shows its partnership with Saudi Arabia and Gulf partners, and to provide additional opportunities for US companies in the region and create tens of thousands ofnew jobs in the US defense industry sector.”

Announced that the company “General Electric” American Saturday the signing of contracts and memorandums ofunderstanding also worth 15 billion dollars with Saudi Arabia on the first day of Trump ‘s visit.

The company based in Boston that the contracts signed in the presence of US President and the Saudi monarch, with the Ministry of Energy and Company “Aramco”, the Saudi oil giant Saudi Arabia and other government agencies.




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