Maps .. Areas under the “Daash” west of Mosul


Published : 20.05.2017 | 22:04 GMT |

Last Updated: 20.05.2017 | 22:15 GMT | Arab World News


Elements of the Iraqi Rapid Response Force in Mosul.

On Saturday, the military information cell identified the areas under the control of Da’ash in the right-hand coast of Mosul.

The cell said in an official statement conveyed by the site, “Alsumaria News” Iraqi, “The remaining areas under the control of Daed in the Ayman Mosul, is healing and Znagli and health and the first Bab Sinjar and Ras Alkor and field and Farouk.”

The cell noted that some of the areas of the brick door and the new door and the door of the egg is also still under the control of the organization classified as a terrorist at the international level.

The Iraqi army determines the areas west of Mosul under the control of “Daash”.

In this context, the Military Information Cell published a map of the rest of the liberation of the right coast of Mosul.

The map shows that the areas under Da’ash control are a very small part, which the Iraqi army expects to release in the near future.

After recovering from the eastern side of the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces began on February 19 storming the western side of the city, which is the main stronghold of the organization, amid reports of heavy casualties among the local population.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has revealed that about 400 thousand Iraqis are still trapped in the west of the city of Mosul.

Source: Alsumaria + Agencies

Rifat Suleiman

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