Iraqi special forces announced the restoration of the last neighborhoods in Mosul


Saturday, 20 May 2017 06:50 PM
القوات الخاصة العراقية تعلن استعادة الأحياء الأخيرة فى الموصل من داعشIraqi Forces – Archive

Iraqi special forces announced that they had recovered the last neighborhoods in the city of Mosul from the Dahedsh organization within their area of ​​operations after the attack began to restore the western part of the city, which was officially launched in February .

ABC News quoted the Special Forces spokesman Sabah al-Nu’man as saying the troops had completed their mission on Saturday, but Daqash still controls about eight square kilometers of western Mosul, including the Old City, where some of the The strongest battles .

He added that his forces were ready “to support any other forces if they received orders from the Prime Minister .”

The battle to restore Mosul started last October after months of preparation, and swept the city and nearly one third of Iraqi territory during the summer of 2014 .

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