Infallible Forum of the Dead Sea: Iraq is open to all investors for reconstruction


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed President Fuad Masum, that Iraq is open to all investors who wish the process of building and reconstruction. “
This came in his speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, which began on Saturday, at the Dead Sea in Jordan, in the presence of kings and heads of a number of countries and more than 1,100 personal businessmen and politicians from more than 50 countries .
Masum said , “thanks to the will of God and the power of the will of the Iraqi national unity and support of friendly countries, Iraq has achieved a victory over terrorism concluded, we hope to culminate in the coming days , completed an editor of Mosul, another stronghold in Nineveh.”
“We hope to fully turn the page Daesh this year, the Iraqis to work actively and confident now, to win the battle of construction and reconstruction, a battle no less difficult and complicated than the war on terror, no doubt, the priority will be given to re – displaced people and the reconstruction of the liberated areas It exposed aspects of life to the destruction of a comprehensive sometimes. ”
Infallible and he pointed out that “our country now sets an ambitious and comprehensive plans to restore stability and services and strengthening theinfrastructure in those areas with the help of friends in the international community who have given us a lot of military and humanitarian support in the war against terrorism.”
“In what we look appreciated the attitude of our friends from the donor countries andinternational bodies consoler of Iraq, particularly the World Bank and theInternational Monetary Fund and other international organizations, we emphasize the need to support them in order to speed up the completion of Iraq ‘s own reconstruction projects, economic and administrative development, and plans forcommunity reconciliation, strengthening the system with a democratic citizen service as required by the lifting of constraints priority, issuing legislation guaranteeing, simplification of procedures, anti – corruption, and to facilitate the mechanisms ofbringing in modern technology, and enhance the partnership with the private sector and develop core goals alone ” .
The President of the Republic that “our country is open to all investors who wish toparticipate in the construction and reconstruction of Iraq , where the Iraqi investment and the regulations and instructions of the law provide all the guarantees and privileges to investors from all over the world in addition to signing the guarantor ofinternational conventions on the rights of investors.”
He added that “Iraq is keen on the participation of countries in the world by seeking hard to achieve sustainable development in parallel with improving the economic, health and educational levels, and ensure that appropriate and supportive of freedoms and human rights, equality and participation of women in the state and community environment.”
He pointed out, “From here comes the special importance we attach to attend the” World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa “, and making use ofwhich will present ambitious ideas, realistic and effective strategies in the economic, political, social and cultural fields.”
And between the infallible that “Iraq is planning to implement a strategy for human resources development programs , particularly for young people and women, in dire need to take advantage of all opportunities and means of development in those fields.”
He argued that “as the slogan {enable generations towards the future}, which will beheld in which the World Economic Forum, the slogan summarizes itself the biggest concern of our country today, especially since it entails the requirements of more and more complex and the challenges of growing nationally, regionally and internationally to actually succeed in empowering youth making their future, and tostimulate and support the overall growth potential of all social groups, especially thenew generations , as well as ensuring the vitality and keep up with the latest developments of the persistent global economy , including its scope and information technology. ”
He concluded his speech by saying , “I am pleased to thank His Majesty King Abdullah II on a special interest in the participation of our country in this forum as I applaud your efforts, and I wish this forum ambition every success, asking God Almighty to guide us all, and pay our steps for the good of our peoples” .anthy



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