General Paul Funk appointed new commander of US forces in Iraq



20-05-2017 02:34 PM


The US military announced on Saturday the appointment of General Paul Funk as the new commander of his forces in Iraq, while revealed the dispatch of 250 additional military this summer to the country.

“About 250 soldiers from the headquarters of the 3rd Corps at Ford Hood will be deployed this summer in Kuwait and Iraq to take control of the US-led coalition’s final resolution operations,” the US military’s Star En Sitraips website said.

“The military operation will be led by the commander of the Third Corps and the Fort Hood camp, General Paul Funk, who will take on the duties of General Stephen Taussend, the current commander of the military operation,” the spokeswoman said.

“General Paul Funk was Assistant Assistant Chief of Staff of the US Army, the third commander of the operation after Sean McFarland and Stephen Townsend,” the paper said.

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