Barzani , several meetings are being “successful” in Washington had

 Twilight News    

 13 minutes ago
Twilight News / met Security Council adviser to the province of Kurdistan Barzani happy, with US Assistant Secretary of Defense, also met with the Association and a representative of the Chaldean Bmhign Christians in Canada and Washington. 

Barzani , located in the United States at the head of a senior delegation to hold talks with President Donald Trump administration officials, wrote in a tweet personal Besvanh on social networking “Twitter” site, he met Friday with Kinnib Handelman US Assistant Secretary of Defense and a number of ministry officials.
He added that the meeting was devoted to the US military and financial support for the Peshmerga forces. 

Kurdistan Region Security Council adviser, wrote in another tweet about his meeting with the Special Envoy of US President to the International Alliance Brett Macgork “We had good talks about the upcoming campaign against Daesh stage, and the needs of the Peshmerga forces, and also talks between Arbil and Baghdad on their future relations.” 

For its part Grdt Kurdistan Regional Government representative in Washington , Sami Abdul Rahman statement, which is part of the delegation accompanying Barzani in Washington, on the front page Twitter – commented, “held Barzani happy meeting cordial and very fruitful in Washington with the Chaldean Bmhign Association and a representative of the Christians in Canada and Washington.” 

Barzani began last Sunday an official visit to Washington at the head of a high – level delegation from the Kurdistan Region, comprising President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Fuad Hussein , the province and the representative of the provincial government in Washington , Sami Abdul Rahman statement, has held a number of meetings with officials in US President Donald Trump ‘s management, with Gerd Kouchner large Mscharia US President, and national security adviser Herbert McMaster, and adviser to US Homeland security Secretary Tom Bosert. It also highlighted during a seminar at the Heritage Foundation has highlighted the vision of Kurdistan of Iraq ‘s post – Daesh.


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