– American Islamic summit kicks off today in Riyadh


5/21/2017 0:00

 With the participation of a senior Iraqi delegation

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel-Latif

President of the Republic is headed by Fuad Masum, the participant in the American – Islamic summit , which begins its work of the Iraqi delegation, on Sunday, in the Saudi capital ,Riyadh , with the participation of 55 leaders and representatives of Muslim countries in the world.
According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Vice President of theRepublic, Osama Najafi, received the “morning”, that “Iraq will take part in the American -Islamic summit to be held in Riyadh , capital of Saudi Arabia conference, to discuss ways to build a stronger and more effective in order to combat security partnerships and preventing international threats because of the growing terrorism and extremism and to promote the values of tolerance and moderation. ”
The statement said that ” the President of the Republic Fuad Masum , will head the Iraqi delegation , which will include his deputy , Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, and a number of officials and advisers.”
Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations of the view that the summit will have animpact and resonance at the regional and international levels.
The committee member said Luis Caro in an interview with the “morning”: ” The visit ofUS President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia will have an impact and resonance at theregional and international levels , ” adding “privacy that deliver them this summit decisive and binding for all its decisions, the existence of an international party to attend this summit. ”
He predicted Caro “for major changes to the region and the Islamic Relations with theWest after the statements (Trump) during the duration of his campaign, which quickly changed and began heading towards the real center of Islam in the Middle East and theworld , ” noting that “many files will be discussed , including the fight against terrorism and demand from countries stand by the United States and Western countries to eradicate it , the Turkish and Iranian balance in the Arab region, which must be neutral in it, as well as the participation of the owners of companies and businessmen who came from the West, which will have significant consequences for the region in general. ”
In turn, he went committee member Iqbal Abdul Hussein Almave to the summit anopportunity for Iraq to build a friendly and positive relations with the Arab and Muslim countries in general and the neighborhood in particular on the basis of respect for Iraq ‘sinternal affairs and good – neighborliness, indicating that Iraq is ready to open his arms toany state if it is serious about building relationships friendly with him based on respect for its sovereignty.
I Almave in an interview with the “morning” that “Iraq needs the support of all countries to stand up to his post (Daesh) and get rid of all the ideas Takfiri extremist presented to him from the outside and affected it from the inside by some preachers who used theplatforms to broadcast the band and the expansion of the sectarian divide among thepeople , “noting that” I do not mind correcting some countries prior to its mistakes with Iraq after Olgt with the blood of the Iraqi people and blew up and killed despite the fact that Iraq was keen to establish relations with them and respect their sovereignty and deal with all diplomacy ”
while, member of the Committee expressed Razak al – Haidari, he feared that The fact that one of the conference messages do a new project to divide the Middle East after gangs failed (Daesh) to achieve during the last stage.
He was surprised at al – Haidari , in his “morning”, after “what was said by US officials about the role of Saudi Arabia in fueling sectarianism in the region through its mosques and its support for terrorism and to support certain satellite channels for a sudden shift tohold an Islamic summit in which attended by the US president himself , ” hoping that “does not become a contradiction clearly , the US policy to another project to divide theregion , such as what they wanted through (Daesh). ”
Haidari called for ” the establishment of friendly relations with Iraq ‘s neighbors, especially with Saudi Arabia and the rejection of cramping between the two sides, and to benefit from direct dialogues to listen to each other for some of the other and reveal all the cards with them and, by contrast to be Saudi Arabia ‘s perception about the political situation in Iraq and listen to the Iraqis themselves , not others and build on that positions.


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