Trump begins today his first foreign tour of Saudi Arabia and Israel initiated

{International: Euphrates News} US President Donald Trump begins on Friday, his first overseas trip since he took office on 21 January and lasts for nine days.

Trump heads to Saudi Arabia on Friday afternoon and will also visit Israel, Belgium and Italy next week. 

She described the trip as an opportunity to visit the holy areas of the three monotheistic religions and to meet with Arab and Israeli and European leaders. 

But the political uproar in Washington because of the isolation of Trump to the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey and allegations that he put pressure on Kumi to stop the investigation of the former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the appointment of a special adviser is to investigate allegations of Russia ‘s intervention in the 2016 elections , and the possible association Trump campaign threatens to cast a shadow on his tour. 

It is expected to be thrown Trump warmly received by leaders in Saudi Arabia and Israel , but questions about his views of Iran ‘s nuclear agreement and its commitment to NATO security and skepticism about the Paris climate deal could stoke tension during meetings with his European counterparts in Brussels and Sicily.

The Trump stirred controversy when he was a presidential candidate by calling for preventing Muslims from entering the United States temporarily, and still his administration ‘s proposal to restrict the entry of the citizens of a number of countries that are predominantly Muslim perspective before the courts. 

McMaster said that Trump will deliver a speech in Saudi Arabia , expressing the hope that deliver moderate Islam resonance in Alm.anthy


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