Macgork: Daesh fled Mosul and contribute to the return of displaced persons to their areas


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Since 19/05/2017 20:21 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – The balance of News

The spokesman for the International Alliance of Brett Macgork on Friday that the organization fled from Mosul in conjunction with the victories of the Iraqi forces there, while noting that Washington contributes to the re-displaced in Iraq.

Said Macgork at a joint news conference with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and the chief of staff of US Joseph Dunford, held in Washington, and I followed / scales News /, “our face strikes directed against Daesh and deeper we went 180 km in Mosul, Donald Trump and the president issued instructions to accelerate the elimination of a crackdown on Daesh terrorist in Iraq and Syria, we also exert great pressure on Daesh to eliminate it. ”

He added, “The directives also include not allowing Daesh to return to the liberated areas,” pointing out that “the so-called state succession, announced Daesh became two of its elements fled from Mosul to tenderness that you need a battle edit time” .anthy 29/9 P


He noted that “Daesh now used civilians as human shields in Mosul, after losing their places in Iraq, financial resources at the lowest level,” noting that “now the international coalition working to bring displaced Iraqis to their areas liberated in Mosul and other Iraqi provinces.”


The Macgork “return of some 1.7 million displaced people to their areas liberated,” explaining that “life in the liberated areas have returned to normal, by the victories of the security forces and the coalition” .anthy 21 / j

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